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Investing in real estate requires that you thoroughly investigate any asset that you are considering and thoughtfully assess whether or not the property is a good fit within your lifestyle, risk tolerance and whether the investment meets your goals and objectives … this not only takes practice and diligence, but it is critical that you have an advocate who will objectively help you secure the necessary information in which to make a reasoned decision … I do exactly that for each of my clients! My mission is single focused – to help you achieve what you want to achieve in the purchase or sale of a real estate asset. Establishing a career with the US Navy as a Naval Commander was supremely valuable in understanding how to design a course in which to successfully meet objectives. Being an owner, manager, and investor for 20+ years, I have established credibility as a real estate broker throughout the years which has produced significant loyalty among my clients. I’d like to provide you with the expertise to meet the goals that you’ve set forth for yourself with the ownership of real estate. Let’s schedule a time to talk about what it is that you want to achieve and how I can best serve you in successfully accomplishing those objectives. I look forward to working with you. Graduating from Annapolis and Navy retired Commander .. I navigated my ship into San Diego Harbor and never left. An avid real estate investor with 20+ years experience in buying, selling and renovating.

Dwellwell Realty Philosophy

We believe dwelling well is a commitment to continually learn and grow in every aspect of life. We are intellectually, professionally, physically, spiritually, and financially curious. We believe that living in a well designed, beautiful space is essential to dwelling well. We believe HOME is not a place but a feeling. We are your San Diego real estate agents.

Dwell Well means selecting a home that is the right size and price such that is supports all the other aspects of life. We believe in homeownership and that searching, purchasing, preparing and selling a home should be fun. We believe that the relationship is more important than the sale.

We also try to be pillars in our community. Learn more about our dedication to bettering our community.


Buying and Selling

Communication is the key element to the service I provide to my clients. I ensure my clients understand completely every step of the sales process from, marketing strategy, disclosures, loan acquisition, title, escrow, and contract comprehension all the way to close.


Understanding the needs of a buyer in the purchase of a new home is key. I not only take the time to listen to my client’s requirements but pose questions on items they may not have considered. I explain the process and then get them qualified, with multiple lenders, to ensure they will be in the best position when making an offer.


Accurately analyzing a home’s value is paramount to maximizing income potential. This includes understanding macro and micro economic conditions, the nuances of individual neighborhoods markets and the property’s condition. Next, I develop a strategic marketing plan which includes traditional, online and social media marketing. Then we get the property ready to show. This may include, painting, fixture updates, lighting landscaping and staging, all at the minimum cost to maximize profit.

Income property

Being a real estate investor, I have experience and a keen sense of selling and buying investment/income property. With my guidance, I can assist an investor in realizing the income potential of each asset while separating any emotional attachment they may have with the property.

Maximizing asset potential

Having been an interior design professional, I am able to combine my real estate expertise with my design/construction experience to enable buyers a vision of the potential each property has despite its present condition. Likewise, my design skills will also assist sellers to maximize their property’s value by enhancing its look prior to sale. I have proven record, with a minimum investment in updates and staging, a seller can maximize the return on their investment.

Corporate and Trustee Sales

In addition to working with individuals on a real estate transaction, I also have experience working with corporate and trustee buyers and sellers. In these transaction, I can asset in maximizing profits while minimizing costs allowing corporate/trustees providing the best return for their end clients.


From the coast to the desert, I have experience throughout San Diego County and Riverside Counties. San Ysidro to Escondido and the Ocean Beach to Borrego Springs and the desert communities of Palm Springs to Palm desert.

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